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Airlines apply restrictions on the transportation of baggage on their flights.

All flights include a limit on the weight and / or the number of bags that can be invoiced for free (what companies call Baggage Allowance), as well as the limitations on luggage and personal belongings that each passenger You can take it without cost in the cabin of the plane during the trip.

Also, it should be noted that many companies apply an extra charge for the transportation of the so-called "fishing equipment", regardless of the baggage allowance you have.
Fishing material means the transport of a bag or tube for rods and tackle.
Lures and rods should always be billed and travel in the hold. The reels can be transported in the cabin, provided that the baggage allowance is fulfilled.
The canes must be perfectly packed in a bag or transport tube portacañas. Each airline has limitations on the maximum measurements of the bags or tubes.
Provide us with the measurements of your fishing equipment, to be able to enter it in your air reservation and obtain the Conformity from the airline for its transportation.

It is therefore very convenient, before starting a flight, to report the limitations on the baggage that your airline applies, because you may find extra expenses not foreseen and must make cash at the airport on the day of your flight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the information that you can find below is only for information purposes, since it is the exclusive power of the airline, the application and modification at any time, of these conditions and the amount of the extra charges that apply.
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