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Throughout the year and in different destinations, we organise group outings open to the participation of any fisherman who wants to accompany us. They are guided tours from the exit in Spain (usually from Madrid or Barcelona) by our specialist, Miguel Sanz, who will accompany you from the beginning of your trip to the end, and with whom you can discover the best places for fishing, with the maximum Tranquility, and with the only worry of spending excellent days of good fishing.
A good option if you travel alone, and a significant savings in your travels, sharing fixed expenses such as rent a boat, hiring local guides, accommodation, car rental for travel, etc...
If you want to share your love of fishing with new travel companions, join us now. These special outputs do not include companion guide service.
We periodically organize group outings open to all. If you want to sign up and travel with


Group Travel with Sweden-Lapland Guide

Group Travel with Sweden-Lapland Guide

08/07/2019 - 16/07/2019