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According to current European legislation, the organization and sale of trips that combine at least transport and accommodation services can only be organized and marketed by companies with a license issued by the competent administrations, in our country, by the autonomous communities.

All those other organizations or companies that do not comply with these requirements, have completely prohibited these activities and therefore their clients are completely helpless before the administration and judicial bodies.

Our trips are all organized and marketed exclusively by our office in the city of Banyoles (Girona), under the license of IVERUS VIAJES. License and with C.I.F. B17615246.

All the programs and trips offered by our company are regulated by the Combined Travel Contract that details all the rights of our clients, as well as our obligations and responsibilities.

That is why we recommend you read in detail their conditions for your knowledge and that you can find on this page. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Likewise, and according to current legislation, all our trips include a compulsory travel insurance (see conditions and coverages included).

Fishing equipment

It is very important that before starting your trip, you are informed of the conditions and limitations on the baggage that each airline applies, as well as the special treatment that some of them apply to the transport of fishing equipment, which in no case can travel in cabin and should always be billed.

The baggage information that you can find on this page is for information purposes and is not part of the Combined Travel Account, since they are conditions and limitations that can be modified unilaterally by the carrier company at any time. In any case, the possible loss or deterioration of luggage is the sole responsibility of the client or the airline company in the case of checked baggage and never of the company organizing the trip (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007), in our case IVERUS VIAJES

Quality of fishing

Since fishing is an outdoor activity and that takes place in a natural environment, we can not guarantee the conditions and quality of the fishing in any case. In all of our travel programs, we indicate the ideal seasons for fishing, however uncontrollable circumstances, such as climatology or human action for example, can alter the conditions and quality of fishing.

Fishing guides

For programs in which the work of a local guide or accompanying guide is included, it is necessary to emphasize that their work is fundamentally technical and that unforeseen events may arise. It is necessary to observe a respect to the other travelers and the guide and to attend the indications of this one, as maximum responsible of the group. Repeated failure to comply with the instructions given by the person responsible, which seriously detrimental to the normal development of the contracted activities, may result in the expulsion of the group.

Personal documentation

As for personal documentation, it is the responsibility of the client to have at the time of travel all valid and valid documentation required to make the trip (Passports, Visas, Driver's License, Vaccines, etc.). In all our trips, where Entry Visas are required, we offer all our clients who have Spanish nationality, the processing of them.